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Meet Isla, the third sweet newborn welcomed into this family. I had the pleasure of taking older siblings, Stella Kate and Douglas’ newborn photos also and have loved getting to know them over the years! Check out a few highlights from Isla’s newborn session and read all about her beginnings as written by her mommy. :)


  • Derrick and Ashlee Bunch


  • Isla James Bunch

  • How did Mom & Dad meet?

    We knew one another through mutual friends, but we “met” in a romantic sense at a crawfish boil in the summer of 2006. We were just babies. Derrick was 17 and almost as handsome as he is now. We have been together ever since. We got married in 2011 on our 5th anniversary of dating. Our first baby girl, Stella Kate, was born in 2013, and our son, Douglas, in 2017.

  • Sweet Isla is our caboose! We told family in person at Christmas, but posted a 20 week ultrasound on social media to tell friends.

  • I LOVED TACOS and BBQ NACHOS! Anything I could imagine got put in a tortilla or on chips with lots of cilantro! It was a wonderful and easy pregnancy until the very, very end when I began experiencing symptoms of preeclampsia. Isla was born the very next day!

  • We didn’t find out gender until delivery! We HIGHLY recommend this by the way! It is SO much fun to wait until the end. The whole pregnancy, Derrick and I thought she was a baby boy. My pregnancy was identical to when I was pregnant with our son. However, God blessed us with exactly what we needed to complete our little family. She is perfect, and big sister and brother are wonderful with her.

  • Since we didn’t know gender, we had to have two names. All of our children are named after family members. We decided from the beginning that we would call a little boy, Bo. Interestingly, we could never really agree on a girl name. We were considering Caroline and Elizabeth, but neither really felt right. When I started nesting like crazy, I knew it was time to make a decision on a girl’s name. Derrick’s great and great-great grandmothers were named Ida Grace and Mary Ida. Ida is pretty and old fashioned, so I looked it up to do some more digging. ISLA was in the family of names directly derivative of Ida. James was Mary Ida’s husband, and Derrick’s great-great grandfather’s name. James was also my papa’s middle name!
  • Third baby gender surprise with a big sister and big brother…. PERFECT SCENARIO! We already had everything we needed to welcome our last baby.

  • I was surprised to experience preeclampsia again, but it allowed us to meet our Isla sooner! She came late pre-term at 36 weeks and 5 days gestation. I didn’t have any symptoms of elevated blood pressure until about 48 hours before she was born. She was also born with a total head full of blonde hair! All the nurses and doctors commented on how rarely they see that much fair colored hair.
  • Isla looks just like Derrick to me! She has likenesses of both of her older siblings. She makes them look alike. It will be interesting to see if her eyes stay blue. She will be the tie breaker for blue and brown eye color among the four of us.

  • Sweet Isla was my smallest baby at 7lbs and 4oz. She felt MUCH bigger with her kicks, punches and rolls. So much so, that the doctor predicted that the baby would be 9-10 lbs. We were both totally and pleasantly surprised with a tiny, strong, sweet baby girl.
  • Wonderful! She is a great eater and sleeper. Transitioning from 2 to 3 kids has been a bit chaotic at times, but we know more of what to expect. It has been interesting for some to learn to pronounce Isla’s name, ha! It is pronounced (EYE-la), and lots of people have asked us.
  • We love our newborn sessions with Destiny! Each of our three experiences were unique and personal to each of our three little blessings. She is so talented and takes the time to make each experience memorable and special.

To view a few highlights from the newborn sessions of Isla’s older sibling’s Stella Kate and Douglas, check out the photos below!

Beautiful Stella Kate | 2013


Handsome Douglas | 2016

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