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The first thing I noticed when I saw her was her gorgeous hair! Meet precious Maren. I had taken her big sister, Linley’s newborn photos a few years prior and remember that she didn’t have nearly the hair that Maren does. What a pretty little surprise for her parents on her birthday! I know with my own babies, their thick and lush hair was always the topic of mention! Hang around a bit and read all about how Maren’s family prepared for her and what life has been like since she’s been home. Enjoy!

Ryan and Jessica Davis


Maren Elizabeth


Ryan and I initially met at the beach when I was on my senior trip and he was on a trip with his college baseball buddies. We didn’t see talk or see each other again until I was finishing my first year of grad school and he and his cousin met me and some friends at a concert. We hung out that night and he called me the next day and the rest is history!



I called Ryan and my mom crying hysterically! We initially found out we were pregnant in August and ended up miscarrying in September after we announced to our parents with necklaces for our moms with all the grandchildren’s birthstones and to “the world” with a picture of our kids at Disney World. We were told to wait until January to begin trying to get pregnant again so that was our plan. (I know you have heard what they say about making plans, right? Man makes plans and God laughs??) The first week of November, I noticed I was really tired and was waking up in the night to go to the bathroom so I bought a pregnancy test on the way to work…I immediately called Ryan and my mom because I was worried (and shocked!) that we were pregnant only 8 weeks later. We announced to everyone else on my birthday with a picture of the kids holding a sign saying “Boys 1 Girls 1 Tiebreaker Coming June 2019.” I do want to add that I knew the Lord was going to bless us with another baby after we had our miscarriage because He promised me that…He is a good, good Father and I am thankful that He uses all things together for good!


No! Since we already have a boy and a girl, we decided to wait and be surprised. It was the best surprise in the entire world!


We chose Price Walker for our boy name which are both very special family names- there really was never another boy name. Girl names were more difficult and we had several including Caroline, Collins and Landry but decided on Maren (Ryan’s choice) because it isn’t very common and used my middle name, Elizabeth, for her middle name.


This was my third chance at a nursery and I was determined to actually complete it! We went with a neutral color scheme of white and natural with wood accents. We used Linley’s white iron crib and ordered white ruffled bedding (not too much ruffle in case we had a boy ;)). We completed everything except the purchase of a chair and hanging everything on walls- but it’s almost there! It was fairly difficult to do much prep without knowing the gender so we had the basics and didn’t worry about anything else until she arrived. Gender neutral is hard to find unless you want everything yellow and green!


I had a scheduled c section and it was the easiest of my three. I was surprised because I was not sick at all and it was absolutely perfect!

Maren looks identical to mom’s baby pictures. She is definitely ALL mom and has a TON of hair!

We were both amazed at her hair and of course thought she was absolutely beautiful! Ryan immediately thought of what life was going to be like with two girls and dating and weddings…and if she was going to be attached to his hip like her big sister who is definitely a Daddy’s girl. I often think of the reality that if we hadn’t had a miscarriage, she would’ve never existed…crazy!


It is a whole new world with three! I didn’t think transitioning from one to two was nearly as hard as two to three! We have settled into a routine and she’s really an easy baby and she sleeps at night (can I get a Hallelujah?!!)! Brooks and Linley absolutely adore her and are such big helpers!


Destiny always has the most beautiful set ups and takes the most perfect pictures! We had so much fun and probably my favorite part was recreating the picture that Destiny took of me and Linley when she was a newborn. Priceless!
Here are a couple of my favorites from Linley’s newborn session back in 2016! Enjoy these sweet comparisons! -Des


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    Miss Maren is thought to be the caboose in my family of grandchildren. She is the youngest of my 5 grandchildren…3 grands by my daughter Jessica and 2 grands by my son Ben.
    Yes this Pops loves them all and all of them have slept in their grandfathers’ favorite position….in the recliner chair lying on Pops’ belly! So say I’m blessed is an understatement.

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