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Meet Jack and Su and their beautiful family! I had the pleasure of welcoming them to the studio in Brandon recently and was captivated by their energy and connection with each other. Their three daughters are simply breathtaking! The love big sisters, Mina and Ana already lavish on their newborn baby sister, Emma is endearing and was precious to witness. I’m thankful to have gotten a glimpse into their world by taking the photos. I invite you to take a quick break to view a few highlights from baby Emma’s newborn photography session and to read a bit more of her sweet beginnings.




The best thing about being pregnant was feeling the baby move and kick. There’s something just so magical about feeling your baby’s movements. From the first flutters to the strong kicks to the ribs, it’s just so miraculous knowing there’s a gift from above growing inside of you.


Yes, we found out the gender as soon as we could! Our older daughters, Mina and Ana, both prayed for a little baby sister. It was so sweet watching them and listening to their sweet prayers. Of course it would’ve been fine either way, but since we have all things pink and princesses, we were pretty excited when we learned another little girl would be joining our family. Dad is really outnumbered now!


Actually, Mina (our oldest daughter) chose the name for the baby! When we shared the news with our daughters that a baby sister was on the way, Mina asked if she could name her. The first name she suggested was Emma and we loved it!

The labor and delivery process for Emma was by far the easiest and fastest out of my three pregnancies. At 7:30am on March 5th, they started the induction process, and at 8:00am, my doctor assessed my progress. She stated the baby would most likely arrive by lunchtime, although I couldn’t stop thinking about breakfast. I was ravenous! So, we all though it would be a while before the baby came along. However, shortly before 9:00am, the contractions got stronger and I started feeling the urge to push, except no one else was in the delivery room besides Jack! While he is truly is a Jack of all trades (ask him about the plane he built) [see the airplane he built below!], I knew delivering a baby was not on his bucket list! I called for the nurse and they rushed in and they immediately called for the doctor. At 9:07am, our sweet Emma was born! Just in time for breakfast. ;)

Baby Emma resembles Mina when she was a baby. Looking back at some of Mina’s baby photos, she and Emma could pass as twins!

The first thought that came to mind was that she was absolutely perfect. From her dark head of hair, button nose, tiny hands, and long toes. There is so much anticipation leading up to the big day where you finally get to meet someone you’ve already loved for so long, that it almost felt surreal holding her. We couldn’t stop smiling and staring at her, and feeling so thankful she’s ours.

Destiny did a phenomenal job taking our photos and we are still in awe of her amazing work! She made the entire process so effortless and comfortable for everyone. We are so thankful to have such beautiful pictures to look back on and cherish, especially as our girls get older. I always say I wish I could freeze them in time and keep them little forever, and in a way, Destiny was able to accomplish this through her beautiful work. For that, we are forever thankful.
Here’s a couple of the photos of the airplane Jack built as mentioned above and submitted by Jack and Su for the purposes of inclusion of this blog feature.
I’d love to take a ride around the country in this gem! -Destiny


  1. Jenns says:

    Awesome pictures!!
    They are so precious.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Suzie says:

    These photos are so lovely! The girls look absolutely adorable – fancy how you were able to capture the love the older siblings have for their new baby sister. Beautiful family pictures!!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Beautiful photos and such a beautiful family!!!

  4. Carina says:

    Such a dreamy and ethereal shoot. You made an already gorgeous family look even more beautiful!

  5. Grace says:

    Amazing photos and a beautiful family! Love how the girls look like little angels!

  6. Sarah says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! Beautiful Beautiful family!

  7. Jung says:

    These photos are amazing…they truly capture the welcoming of Emma and all the love in the family!

  8. Sang says:

    The girl’s look so adorable!!! The pictures are just amazing!

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