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What a sweet little love, Miss Emrie was for me during her newborn session. I loved getting to meet and visit with her family! Read about her precious beginnings below as you scroll through a few photos from her session!

Parent’s Name
Kathryn and Brandon

Baby’s Name
Emrie Evelyn

How did Mom & Dad meet?
We met in high school, but didn’t start dating until college. Brandon was relentless and when I finally agreed to a date I made him bring a friend..after that, it was history!

How did you tell family and friends you were expecting?
We were boring..just called everyone! But we did confetti pops with family and friends and we all found out she was a girl together!

What was the best, most surprising or most difficult thing being pregnant? ( Dad can answer, too)
This go around was being at work until the day I delivered! I was on bed rest with Holloway from 17 weeks to 37. It was harder than I thought the last few weeks to waddle across state street!

ist the possible baby names, and how you narrowed it down?
She was Emma for a few weeks..then Brandon was watching soccer (we are all shocked) and said what about Emre? We both loved it and wanted it to be pronounced 2 syllables, but the spelling changed 10383 times before we could agree on Emrie. There was a monogram mishap involved, too. Oops! The middle name is a family name, and makes her have a super pretty monogram, because here in the south if it doesn’t move we monogram it, right?

Did you find out the gender beforehand? What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions.
We both were terrified..then EXCITED!

How did baby prep go?
You can just call us wipes hoarders..we only have about 10,000…..

Was labor and delivery what you expected? If not, tell us how things were surprising or not what you expected.
Not at all! Holloway was stubborn. 18 of labor and 3 hours of pushing with him left me in no way prepared for the six total hours of labor and pushing combined!

Did baby look a lot like Mom, Dad or other siblings? Did you have fun with comparing baby photos?
In pictures H and E look the same. Not so much in person..can’t tell who she’s going to favor yet!

What have the first few weeks at home with baby been like?
Blissful. She has herself on a schedule. 7pm feed, wakes up at 11/4 then up for the day at 7! We are so lucky!

You can even write a little bit about your baby’s newborn session if you’d like.
Bless you for dealing with our wild man! He ran so many laps around the studio he passed out when he got home. You couldn’t have been sweeter with my sweet girl, either. I felt like we’ve known you forever!







  1. Kathryn says:

    I fall in love even more every time I see them!

  2. Trish says:

    My babies!

  3. Kathryn says:

    I fall in love with them more every time I see them!

  4. Alisa Berry says:

    Destiny, these are by far my most favorite of all of my grandchildren’s newborn photos. I have been blessed to use several very talented photographers and they are all amazing but these photos for me were simply perfect. Your work never ceases to amaze me. I adore these and I will cherish them forever.

  5. Karen O'Brien says:

    Love these photos of your sweet family & precious littles!

  6. Julie Carter says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Precious family❤❤

  7. Sherry elmore says:

    Love these pics. Love the Q/A.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    such a sweet little! gorgeous work, as always <3

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