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Meet beautiful Cate from Florence, MS and read all about her precious beginnings as well as her newborn photography session!

Parents: Daniel & Nicole

Baby Stella Cate

How did Mom & Dad meet?
We met in high school when Daniel came over to my house to visit my brother, Jason. We didn’t have interest in each other at the time due to Daniel being a Senior and I was a freshman. It was several years later when I was finishing college when we ran into each other again and started dating. We have now been together for 16 years.

How did you tell family and friends you were expecting?
We took our parents a sonogram picture after finding out and had them keep it secret until we told our 5 year old, Cash. We prepared a bag with baby items and sonogram pictures to tell Cash. He was so excited, and still is about his baby sister Stella Cate! After Cash knew we took a picture of him holding the sonogram picture and sent to our friends.

Did you find out the gender beforehand? What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions.
I wanted to wait until the day of delivery to find out if baby was a boy or girl, however everyone else wanted to know before. I finally gave in when Cash was insistent that he was getting a baby brother and we felt like it was a girl. We took Cash with us to the ultrasound to find out and when I told him it was a girl he kept saying that they ultrasound machine was wrong and it was really a boy! We have a video of it that we’ll keep to show him later! Mom and Dad were so excited it was a girl!

How did baby prep go?
I choose to do her nursery in light pink, gold and gray. We procrastinated on the baby prep and are still finishing the final touches in Stella Cate’s room since she came 3 weeks early. The last piece of furniture came in the week she was born and delivered the same day she came home from the hospital. Now to find the time to put the finishing touches on her room.

Did baby look a lot like Mom, Dad or other siblings? Did you have fun with comparing baby photos?
Dad, grandparents and friends all say that Stella Cate looks like mom. Mom thinks Stella Cate looks like her brother Cash when he was a baby.

What were Mom’s first thoughts when she saw her baby? And Dad?
We thought Stella Cate was perfect from the first time we saw her!What have the first few weeks at home with baby been like?
First few weeks have flown by. Stella Cate likes to sleep a lot! When she’s not sleeping she’s eating and doesn’t fuss much (as of right now). We have been blessed to have Stella Cate join our family.

You can even write a little bit about your baby’s newborn session if you’d like.
Destiny made us feel so comfortable during the newborn session with all the poses and props she used. I was also impressed that Stella Cate slept the whole session and allowed you to do whatever you wanted with her poses. You are a baby whisperer! Thank you so much!


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