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Meet Blake and Whitney and their beautiful newest addition, Riley Blake. She was doll during her newborn photography session and it was pleasure to work with this precious family!! Read all about her sweet beginnings here. Enjoy!

How did Mom & Dad meet?
On October 11, 2011 I went to the Mississippi state fair with two of my girl friends to see the Band Perry. We ran into some mutual friends from college and I will never forget this tall, dark, handsome guy they introduced me too and he asked me to danced. We both were from the small town of Brandon, but somehow had never met, although it seemed like we had known each other forever. The rest was history and on October 19, 2013 Blake proposed in the City park of New Oreleans, LA and we were married on May 10, 2014.




What was the best, most surprising or most difficult thing being pregnant? ( Dad can answer, too)
The most difficult thing For mommy was the 17 weeks of being sick and going into premature labor at 33 weeks.

Daddy would say the hornmonal mood swings that mommy was experiencing and he caught the wrath of we’re most difficult for him. ;)

The best thing for both of us was finding out we were having a baby girl because we both thought it was a boy.
Did you find out the gender beforehand? What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions.
Yes, we found out at our gender reveal party when friends and family pulled the confetti cannons and pink shot out. I cried, blake was in pure shock as we said we thought for sure it was a boy!


How did you tell family and friends you were expecting?
We surprised Blake’s family with lunch at Amerigos. They opened their menu to the “grandsparents special of the day” which read;

“We’ve hoped and prayed and were excited to say, that our little miracle is on the way. Baby Spiers coming May 2017”

My parents were out of town on vacation so we surprised them at the airport with a welcome home sign saying;

“Surprise we’re pregnant , baby Spiers coming may 2017”

My parents had no clue we would be at the airport, so much to their surprise when we jumped out with the sign my mother almost fainted and my dad had tears of joy.


List the possible baby names, and how you narrowed it down?
We really wanted a double name girl or boy so it made the processes a little harder to narrow down the one we loved.
Of course we had tons of girl names we like but Riley Blake kept sticking with us as our favorite.
Luckily we had a girl because unforturenlty we could never agree on a boy name we liked.

So miss Riley blake was always meant to be.
How did baby prep go? (Setting up the crib, decorating the nursery, buckling in the carseat,.)
Baby’s prep went great. Daddy took charge and was probably more involved than I would have liked… lol Every purchase, nail in the wall, decor and amount of money spent had to be approved by daddy. I never knew a mans opinion and decorating could go so well, RB has a really good daddy.



Was labor and delivery what you expected? If not, tell us how things were surprising or not what you expected.
NO it was not at all what I excepted. It was not near as long or painful. I had her in 21 minutes. My docotor came out telling our families, “Whitney was made to have babies, she should have 12.”




Did baby look a lot like Mom, Dad or other siblings? Did you have fun with comparing baby photos?
She looks just like her daddy. She is a mini- blake made over. We have deifntey enjoyed comparing baby photos and she does have some similar features to my nieces and nephews. So, there is hope for her to look somewhat like me.




What were Mom’s first thoughts when she saw her baby? And Dad?
We both fell in love with her at first sight. I did say omg she looks chinese right when the doctor held her up…. Blake laughed and said she’s beautiful and we were both shocked by her head full of black hair.


What have the first few weeks at home with baby been like?
Neither one of us knew what to expect as this is our first child but over all I would say a bit over whelming, rewarding and sleep deprived.

We both never valued sleep as much as we do now and laugh from exhaustion. We definitely understand why everyone says you will never sleep again. Lol



You can even write a little bit about your baby’s newborn session if you’d like.
You made our new born session so enjoyable. I have told everyone how wonderful and comfortable RB was with you. I never knew a stranger could sooth a baby so well and keep them calm for 3.5 hours while capturing beautiful pictures at the same time. It was a fantastic experience because you made me feel so comfortable handing over my newborn child to prop and place and RB was even drawn to your kind and soothing spirit.


  1. Whitney Spiers says:

    Love these. You are seriously amazing!! Thank you for capturing such beautiful pictures of our little family!!!

  2. Kala Legrand says:

    Love this family and their story!! RB is so beautiful! I can’t wait to watch her grow up!!!

  3. Hillary White says:

    Beautiful family!!!

  4. Sara porter says:

    Photos are absolutely amazing! Love them ALL and the Spiers!

  5. Nikki says:

    Y’all are seriously the most beautiful couple with the most beautiful baby girl ever!!!!

  6. Jennifer Grant says:

    Riley Blake is her daddy’s “mini me”

  7. Hillary White says:

    Such a beautiful family!

  8. Emily Gilreath says:

    These are truly amazing! These pictures capture the beauty of yall’s little blessing!

  9. Jennifer Grant says:

    Riley Blake is her daddy’s “mini me”

  10. Mallorie Gore says:

    I love this! So sweet!

  11. Brenda Spiers says:

    Love these pics ~ of course ~ they are my granddaughter!! You did a fabulous job capturing her beauty as well as my son and daughter n law!! Love them all~~
    Brenda Spiers

  12. Paige Caldwell says:

    Love this so much!!!!! Sweet RB is a doll baby!!!!

  13. Dawn says:

    Everything about this is just beautiful!!

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