Brandon MS Newborn Photography | Jace

Meet little Mr. Jace and read all about his beginnings!

_mg_3380smParent’s Name
Heather & Ethan
Baby’s Name
Jace Edgar

How did Mom & Dad meet?
Heather is originally from Pensacola, FL. She started Ultrasound school in January 2012 back home where she became friends with a girl named Nikki from Brandon, MS. Nikki and Ethan had previously worked together in the cath lab at St. Dominic in Jackson, MS. Through Nikki and Ethan coming to Florida to start Ultrasound school in April 2012 is how we both met and where the love story all started.
How did you tell family and friends you were expecting?
It was Christmas time when we found out we were expecting. We told Heather’s parents by wrapping a big box acting like it was a present and had them open it. Inside was pink and blue balloons that popped out with a note attached that said: “Only the best parents get promoted to grandparents!”. Their reaction and excitement was full of joy as this was going to be their first grandchild!

We had Christmas at our house with Ethan’s family. We had a onesie made to give to Ethan’s mom (Susan) that said: ” I love Susu”. The shock and excitement on her face was priceless!

To tell friends we took a picture of us both holding one of the ultrasound pictures and posted it on Facebook.
What was the best, most surprising or most difficult thing being pregnant? ( Dad can answer, too)
I loved everything about being pregnant. Thankfully, I had a really easy going pregnancy making those 9 months fly by.


Did you find out the gender beforehand?

What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions.
Being that Ethan and I are both sonographers, so it was too hard not to peek :) I scanned myself at work along with some of my coworkers to find out the gender and then sent a picture to Ethan to tell him he was going to be having a hunting and fishing partner come August!




List the possible baby names, and how you narrowed it down?
We had a girl’s name picked out for the longest time-a year or so before we even got pregnant, but had a hard time deciding
on a boy’s name. Ethan had thrown out a few names as did I and finally we agreed on Jace Chapman Edgar. Chapman is also Ethan’s middle name so we decided to keep it in the family.

How did baby prep go? (Setting up the crib, decorating the nursery, buckling in the carseat,.)
Setting up the nursery was a lot of fun! We decided to do a whale/nautical theme. Ethan painted the nursery a light blue and we re-did a piece of furniture to make it into a changing table.

Did baby look a lot like Mom, Dad or other siblings? Did you have fun with comparing baby photos?
We had so much fun pulling out both of our baby albums to see who Jace looks like. To me Jace looks like Ethan and definitely has the “Edgar nose”. Ethan says he sees me in him. His hair looks strawberry blonde/red which runs in Ethan’s family. I’m hoping his eyes stay blue like his daddy’s!
What were Mom’s first thoughts when she saw her baby? And Dad?
We were both overwhelmed with joy! So happy he had finally made his debut and was a healthy baby boy!

What have the first few weeks at home with baby been like?
For the most part the first few weeks have been great! We’ve had some restless nights, but for the most part Jace is happy and just cries when he is hungry which is about every 2-4 hours. We have had help from both of our families which was very helpful and much appreciated!_mg_3534sm


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