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Parent’s Name
James and Rachel Bronner
Baby’s Name
Bellamy Blayke Bronner

How did Mom & Dad meet?
We worked for the same hospital, but in different departments. A mutual friend actually tried to set us up and James told her I could Facebook him. We still get a good laugh out of that comment. Needless to say we started talking on Facebook, and here we are three kids later.
How did you tell family and friends you were expecting?
What was the best, most surprising or most difficult thing being pregnant? ( Dad can answer, too)
I have the most amazing pregnancies!! I seriously could be pregnant FOREVER. My husband thinks I have a mental illness!! haha
Did you find out the gender beforehand? What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions?
Yes, we did. I had planned on keeping it a surprise, but one day a coworker and I were taking a peak of her and the first thing you see were her legs spread wide apart. Since we already had two girls I knew what I saw and that was nothing in between the legs. I was then 90 percent sure we were having our third little girl, so ended up confirming it at our anatomy scan. We were not that shocked to find out it was another girl. We were pretty used to getting that news!!
List the possible baby names, and how you narrowed it down?
We honestly didn’t go through many options. All our girls have all B initials. Brooklyn Bayou(3), Baylor Belle(2), and now our Bellamy Blayke. We tossed around a few different middle names, but I just didn’t love the way they sounded.
How did baby prep go? (Setting up the crib, decorating the nursery, buckling in the carseat,.)
Working full time and having two toddlers to run around after we honestly didn’t do much prepping. We did have a crib set up, but we honestly didn’t put the car seat in until we were leaving the hospital!
Was labor and delivery what you expected? If not, tell us how things were surprising or not what you expected.
This birth was by far the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I had csections with my two oldest girls and each time I was devastated that I could not experience a natural birth. I hated the feeling of everything being planned and knowing the day and time we would be having our babies. So once we found out we were expecting our third I was determined to have VBA2C(vaginal birth after 2 csections). I ended up having to switch doctors at 40 weeks pregnant, but I ended up having an amazing birth at UMC at 41 weeks 1 day. It was a 20 hour labor, but the feeling of meeting your baby as soon as she was born will always be a magical memory.
Did baby look a lot like Mom, Dad or other siblings? Did you have fun with comparing baby photos?
I think she is going to be a good mixture of our other girls. We think she will have more of our oldest personality, which will be very interesting with two strong willed children in one family. I think she has some of the same features as our middle child, which looks a little more like mommy than daddy.
What have the first few weeks at home with baby been like?
Pretty amazing so far. Bellamy has been a very content baby. She has been a great sleeper thus far and our middle child has just started sleeping through the night a few weeks before we had Bellamy. So thankfully we haven’t been too sleep deprived.
You can even write a little bit about your baby’s newborn session if you’d like.
The newborn session was seriously amazing. Destiny is so easy to talk to, since she is a mom herself. It was nice getting to talk about birth, breastfeeding, and our families. I couldn’t feel more comfortable and she did amazing with our two oldest girls that can easily be a handful at times.


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