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A Step by Step Guide

Ever wonder what goes into doing a view and order appointment? In our IPS facebook community I’ve heard the need loud and clear for a step by step guide for running a view and order appointment. For photographers transitioning to an in person sales model this can be a scary process and one thing that can help is feeling prepared.

Before the View and Order Appointment

Before you see your client at the view and order appointment you can set the stage to have a successful view and order appointment by doing a few tasks to set the stage. First off, tidy your studio and restock any waters, drinks or snacks as necessary. You may want to light a candle or spritz a seasonal scent to appeal to all their senses. Get your samples set up and any swatches you may have ready to present and maybe even some tissues in case they are overwhelmed with emotion by seeing their amazing photos.

Now it’s time to get yourself prepared. You may find that you have a clipboard like me or some sort of pamphlet to remind you of the pricing. My clipboard has the pricing, blank sheets of loose paper for notes, order forms and payment plan agreements. Get any electronics that you need to use powered up, such as the TV, computer or where they will be viewing the slideshow gallery so it’s ready to go.

During the View and Order Appointment

It’s time! They are here for their view and order appointment and there are a few things that you can do during your view and order appointment. Greet your clients and offer them refreshments as they enter. Smile and be excited for them as you present their slideshow. Relax as you show them the slideshow and wait for their response. Ask some questions about their thoughts on how they wanted to display their photos in their own and take notes.

View and order appointments are a time for them to let you know what they are wanting for their space so show samples as you go through the pictures and allow them to hold, flip through and have a little bit of time to admire the workmanship of the products you offer. Each of your clients will start to envision what their photos would look like in and on those products. Give them time to really look at everything.

The Print & Product Investment Book | Sell your Photos as Art

During the view and order appointment you will pass them the investment book where you have not only the prices listed, but beautiful photos of your products displayed. The combination of beautiful imagery of the products and the potential that they have is valuable when it comes to selling your work as art.

If you need help with pricing yourself confidently or how to set up your prices you can check out my pricing templates here. The email templates include 3 transitional pricing templates and an 11 page investment guide that you can alter to fit your branding and pricing. Whatever you use to present your pricing do so with confidence and owning the value of your art.

Once the clients make their selections you can take their order and payment. You can keep this simple using pen and paper or on a premade order form. Do not overcomplicate this process by thinking it’s required to use specific software. If they want to pay via credit card, you can do this with square. It doesn’t have to be hard to get paid.

After the View and Order Appointment

After the view and order send a thank you email with a snapshot of their order form along with any other pertinent information they need to know about their order. This is a good time to make sure they are clear on delivery times, address confirmations and any other loose ends that need to be tied up. Remember to update your workflow in your CRM and move through the prompts to move them through next steps. If you haven’t set up a workflow that can help you to simplify and automate this then check out 17hats here. Other great additions to following the appointment include sending a client gift, handwritten note or anything that shows you care and makes them feel seen and appreciated. Adding layers of connection is important for building trust and encouraging loyalty with a client.

Download a FREE printable IPS view & order appointment checklist here! 

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