Whether you’re brand new to the photography business, or you’re a small business veteran, as photographers, we are always learning something new. Whether it’s a new camera, a new technique, or a new tool, the photography industry is continually growing and changing. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always interested in what others are using in their photography business. I’ll make it easy! These are my current favorite tools and resources that I highly recommend: 


for Photographers

I'm sure you’ve heard about ShootProof, but I’d love for you to check it out for your own business. It’s the service I use for client galleries, Mobile Apps and more! The best part? They take ZERO commissions from my sales, so my business is able to thrive and I’m able to focus on what matters most.

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Click here to sign up for a FREE account and give Shootproof a try.

Online Galleries and Orders

Are you wearing 17 hats in your business? If you are like I was juggling all the things and riding the struggle bus doing so, then do yourself a favor and check out 17hats! I use this amazing software to organize and automate my business. Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money, and lets me focus on my clients, not paperwork.
And only because you've been referred by me, can you get this special pricing! 

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50% off normal pricing for two years. Just click the link below or use code: kbgfttxgzf

Studio/Office Management Software

The Autumn Rabbit Specializes in Custom Logo, Branding & Website Design Services
 for Photographers, Creatives & Professional Small Businesses.
All of their custom designs are uniquely created, hand drawn or painted.

Ask for Louise and tell her I sent you. You will be a fan for life!

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Want to try a new lens, camera body or some other type of photography or videography gear? Is your equipment being repaired and you need a temporary replacement, like yesterday? 

Renting from LensRental is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1 SHOP - Browse their exhaustive inventory until you find the perfect gear.
2 SHIP YOUR ITEMS - They'll ship your order to arrive on the day you ask to receive it.
3 SHOOT - Go out and get some great shots during your rental period.
4 RETURN - Return the equipment in the same box on the day your rental ends.

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Video making, made easy
Create impressive videos in minutes with Animoto’s drag-and-drop video maker. No video editing experience necessary.

Get your FREE account today!

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drag-and-drop video maker

Quickly and easily send video emails to stand out in your audience's inbox. 
 Record yourself and/or your screen.
No waiting. Your video uploads while you record. 
Email engagement tracking for timely, relevant follow-up.

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build trust, convert leads, and get more referrals

- books -

Atomic Habits
by James Clear 

Profitable Album Sales 

Miracle Morning
by Hal Elrod 

Total Money Makeover
by Dave Ramsey

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller 



After spending more than a decade of growing my own business from scratch, I’ve gone through many of the same struggles you’re facing today as a new photography business owner. You already know how to use that fancy camera (and you’re good at it, too!), but there is always room for growth and improvement in business.

Join the exclusive group of entrepreneurs that have completed my comprehensive course, “The Business of Photography” and experience fast growth in your business - without taking any more time away from your family. 

Learn the Business of Photography

- GEAR -

***Affiliate Disclosure***
Since I am sharing some of my favorite tools with you, there is a high probability that this page contains affiliate links! If you click any of these links then take action (subscribe, purchase, etc.), I’ll make a little extra cash! Rest assured, I’ll use the money to buy the coffee I’ll be drinking while I edit and upload adorable newborn photography or create more awesome photography business building content!

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