The Importance of Gratitude & 5 Ways to Practice it to Grow Your Business

The Importance of Gratitude

Do you need a refresher on ways that you can have an attitude of gratitude? Gratitude is important in your personal life and also in your business. Starting in your private life will allow gratitude to spill over in other areas and even grow your business. We all want to work with people that make them feel seen, heard and appreciated, right? A business full of ungrateful people with an overall crappy attitude won’t be in business long!

Gratitude is good for you, your business and overall mindset. While it can be easy to notice when others lack gratitude and appreciation, it’s best to start with you. Decide to be an example to those around you by noticing and telling them what you appreciate about them or their work. I think you’ll find out quickly that most people will return the favor and do and same for you. Win, win!

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Business

Thank God for Every Client, Opportunity and Sale You Make

Do you show gratitude for the clients and income that you currently have? This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but can be made easy. In my case, I have found that getting in the habit of saying, “thank you, God,” every time I see a notification alert of a sale made is a great start. This allows me to slow down for just a moment and show gratitude to God for his favor on my family.

Show Gratitude with your Photography Clients

You can strengthen client relationships with a gift of thanks and/or a handwritten note. Everyone loves snail mail! Well, as long as it’s not bills, right? There is something special about someone taking the time to send something in the mail. This small action shows an effort and believe me, it’s noticed by your clients. This will show that you appreciate your clients and value them and you can do this with a Christmas card or a heartfelt message of appreciation or even a year end gift. Comment below some of your favorite ways to show your clients appreciation!

Show Gratitude for Collaborators

Think about all the vendors and businesses you work with in your business. How would you feel if they sent you a note of appreciation? Awesome people want to work with awesome people! Think of the people you’ve worked with over the years. Are you someone that adds value or are you an energy vampire? Yep, I’d say this is an important question to ask yourself (This will also prove to be a valuable exercise for your home life, too!). Collaborators can help make your environment more calm and enjoyable as well as offer opportunities or referrals in the future.

Show Gratitude with Public Recognition

Show gratitude by acknowledging those around you. When you genuinely compliment someone you are making them feel seen, valued and appreciated. People will always go farther for, and do more for, those that appreciate them. In a world where we are quick to see the negatives around us, decide to find some good to share. This could be in your instagram stories, a blog post or many other ways of shouting out others.

Everyone in business loves a good shout out. If you love a product, service or mission of a company, then share it! Let them know they’re killing it and that you see what they are doing. This is truly the best way to show your appreciation. Which reminds me, I would love it if you would share this blog post or my podcast and give me a shout out! I love hearing from my readers and listeners and learning what they are taking from the show.

A Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is powerful. Whenever you do, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him (Colossians 3:17).

Be thankful for the blessings, lessons and even failures that have allowed you to grow into the mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur that you are.

Join me in a challenge to get in the habit of thinking beyond the obvious things we are thankful. Let’s make a list of 10 things that you are thankful for and place it beside your bed or taped in your car or anywhere that you can see it daily. Each month make a new list and do it again. Eventually, you will need to start searching for the blessings and notice even the smallest things that you may be currently be taking for granted. I would love to see your lists so tag me @ipsmadeeasy!

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