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Do you have steps in your photography business that you follow for each client? If not, do things sometimes fall through the cracks? Perhaps it’s time to think about creating a workflow so you can create a consistent and stellar client experience each and every time. 

Let’s dive in today as I take you through exactly what I do in my workflow. This will help you to save time, sanity in your business, book new and repeat photography clients and ultimately help you become successful as you build your photography business. 

Workflows are best created and maintained within a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) and keep all of your client information in one place. A software like I use, 17Hats will house and quickly and easily send your leads and clients things like emails, portrait agreements, client questionnaires, invoices and more. While it’s very helpful to have a system like this, it’s certainly not necessary. You can use a simple checklist like the one I’ve created for you below and work through it for each session.

I like to think of a workflow process in phases. This will help us determine exactly what needs to be done and when. I have three overall phases: The pre-booking, post booking and post session phase.

Pre-Booking Phase

Your journey with your client should start with contact forms that are located everywhere you show up online. Leads can come from anywhere so making sure you have a lead capture form available on your website, blog and social media platforms is vital. These forms are created through and connected to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. I use 17hats!

When you have a lead, you’ll receive a notification and because you can create email templates through your CRM, you can quickly customize and respond to your potential clients.

I do the following:

– Send my pricing guide as well as any info and details they’ll need to know when considering to work with me.
– When I hear back from them with their intention to move forward with the booking process, I send them a quote that includes the portrait agreement and invoice.

Emails are automatically sent to let them know their submissions were received and because this is done automatically, I don’t have to spend time each time someone moves through my workflow process. 17hats takes care of it behind the scenes every step of the way because of how I set it all up in the beginning!

Post Booking Phase

Once payment has been made and all other online forms are competed, their session is secured and officially booked then it’s time to send questionnaires and prep guides depending on the type of photo session they booked.

Before they’re session, be sure to send them a confirmation of where and when to meet as well as any other pertinent information they need to know.

Then, I add each client to my email list as well so they can receive news, updates and sales when I offer them.

Post Session Phase

Immediately following my sessions, I confirm in person with my client what the next step is and then they can expect to either meet with me for an in person view & order consultation or when they will receive their photos.

Then, I upload and save their session photos, cull the session to only the best of the best, edit or have the photos edited and create a slideshow video presentation.

Next, it’s time to present the photos to my client, place their print/product order if applicable and then post my favorite photos from their session to my social media platforms as well as any I may want to add to my blog and/or website.

Lastly, don’t forget to send your clients a little gift of thanks as well as a handwritten thank you note!

If you’re a visual learner like me and love a good list (also like me), you’ll love this FREE resource below.

Download Your Free Ultimate Photography Client Workflow Checklist Here!

Ready to set up your own workflow? I use 17Hats for as my Customer Relationship Management System and I LOVE it!

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