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Are You Ready for In Person Sales?

Do you wonder if in-person sales photography is for you? Maybe you are curious about it, but want to learn more about it to see if it’s right for you. Perhaps you know something needs to change, but you’re little bit afraid that of going all in on it because you may be a little bit afraid you’ll lose clients?

Have you’ve ever felt the need for change rising up in you, but you need clarity? Is burn out building and the choice to quit or go all in on your talent making you curious about in person sales? Check out this full episode on the IPS MADE EASY PODCAST to learn how to know if you are ready for in person sales photography.

Is Your Income Capped?

Have you reached the top of what you can charge for all inclusive photo shoots? This isn’t your fault, people will only spend a certain amount for something sight unseen. Think about it, if you are going to spend a lot on something you want to see it, touch it and make an informed purchase. It’s like buying a car. I mean you may buy a car unseen if you are desperate or if it’s not too much money, but you aren’t going to do that for a ferrari!

Do You Feel Like You are Working in Reverse?

Do you feel like you are working in reverse? Have you received payment for your session at booking then do the rest of the workflow without expecting another dime? If this is the case you then you may feel like you are always behind or working in reverse. If you aren’t a fan of this then in person sales may be a great change for you.

This would be indicative of a shoot and burn model where you get paid upfront and then you do the work on the backend to fulfill that order. When you do that you get money on the front end, you get all you’re ever going to get on the front end. So there’s no motivation and excitement while you’re producing it while you’re editing while you’re getting it ready. There’s no motivation because you’ve already been paid for it. It starts to feel like you’re working for free even though you’re not. You are getting paid for it, but it’s almost like in reverse.

So, if you’re tired of working in reverse and you’re ready to look forward to meeting with your clients so that they can order more and you can earn more in your business and so that you can deepen. Client photographer relationship then in person sales is for you.

Booking, but Not Bountiful?

Do you feel like you have steady bookings, but your bank account isn’t where you want it to be? Are you adding more and more photo shoots to reach your money goals? You may be ready to do in person sales if your bank account isn’t reflecting your hard work. If you’re just not seeing much change in the bank account yet you’ve always have a mile long to do lists. Then IPS might be for you.

Value of Art

If you are ready to move to the next level and your business, and you want to be considered a high-end photographer who produces quality work and is second to none in service in person sales might be for you. If you yourself see the value of wall art and tangible product. And you would like your clients to associate that same satisfaction after having worked with you and purchased wall art from you, then in-person sales might be for you.

Can you imagine how your clients feel about having these large canvases and this beautiful framed artwork in their home and these beautiful, fine art albums for them to be able to flip through and enjoy time and time again? That is satisfying. That is not dusting off a flash drive after five years of neglecting it and forgetting about it, that is looking at something on the wall and be like, you know what? That was an investment. But my gosh, I love that.

Serving or Searching

You may be ready for ips if you would rather serve versus searching. With in person sales you spend more time on each client with increased customer service touchpoints. From talking on the phone for a phone consultation, meeting for the shoot and meeting for the view and order appointment you will become more connected to your clients. If you want to serve fewer clients, but make more per client then you may be ready for in person sales. If you are doing all inclusive photo shoots then you may find that you are attracting clients who are looking for a deal. These clients who are like this are judging on the price and not the value and with in person sales you are Which do you want?

Are You Ready?

If you want more time to do any of those things and more, or even just to work on your business and not just in your business, then IPS. It’s probably for you simply put, if you want to make more money and you want to have to work less in person is the ticket bay I’m telling you. You’re never going to want to go back.

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