Solutions for Smooth Sunday Mornings with Kids

Dream Builder Podcast Ep. 7


Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning and wondered, What the actual heck happened to my kids while they slept last night? Well it happened to me this past Sunday and I didn’t respond so well. In fact, I reacted to their stress and frustration also with stress and frustration and looking back I realize I could have done soooo many things better. I needed a redo. I’m going to take you on a little journey through my morning, and tell about what I plan to do going forward to make sure all our future Sundays are a BIG improvement!

This past Sunday morning was… a monstrosity. I know I’m not alone, I know there are MANY of us that have experienced this natural phenomenon on Sunday mornings, where kids think “Alright! All hell is gonna break loose today, and I am going to contribute!” It’s exactly the opposite of what we need, because we are on our way to church and preparing our hearts to learn, worship and visit with friends, but it alas, this happens about 3 our of 4 Sundays for our family. 


This particular Sunday, I hit that sweet, sweet snooze button on my alarm just one little time but it proved to be bad planning on my end because when I did awake, I realized it was time to get everybody up, and we only had 30 minutes to get out the door!

Now, I should have gotten myself and my kids up earlier (there are plenty of things I SHOULD have done) but it just didn’t pan out that way! I rounded everybody up to get ready, and I went to get myself ready when… it began.

“I can’t find my shoes.”

“This dress isn’t the right dress. I don’t like it today. This dress Mom picked out was FINE yesterday, but today is a new day and I do not like it today!”

“Oh this is dirty!”

“I don’t have that!”

“Mom, where’s my shirt? You know the one I wear every day because it’s my favorite and it was filthy and it needed to get washed at some point? The one in the wash? Yes, that one.”

“MOM. My pants are too tight, I need new pants!”

The list went on and ON. But it didn’t stop there.

After I slung some cereal around, I went to get myself ready. I put on a dress I had never worn before and I hadn’t given myself a real thorough look, when my husband walked in and said, “Are you wearing that? It looks like a nightgown.” Waaaaa

So I changed into something else, which happened to be some black dress pants that proved that Momma needs to stay away from the dang carbs for the next two years!

In my haste of getting ready, I stuffed my pants leg into my sock on the outside of my boot. I didn’t notice it, no one else seemed to notice it, and I walked all the way through the church like that. I got those stickers slapped on my kids and checked them into their Sunday class, and got halfway through worship before I even realized my pant leg was tucked into my dang sock! Why did no one tell me? I mean they saw me walking in all haggard with three kids. I’m obviously not serious and am laughing as I relive this whole scene replay in my mind.


I am not the only one who gets the honor of managing this circus every Sunday morning. You would think after thirteen years of Momming I would have this down better, but apparently I don’t. So this week I have committed to doing something different to avoid the nuclear meltdown on Sunday mornings, and I want to share it with you!


  • Set out everyone’s clothes the night before. I’ll be making sure all the clothes are clean and have been found and contractually agreed upon the night before. Everyone can wake up and everything they’re going to wear is right there!
  • I’m also going to start cleaning out my car the night before. At the end of the week, my kids have trashed my car, and my husband just doesn’t understand how it gets so messy. I am a kid-toting, grocery-getting momma on the road, and I have been known to have stray Chic-Fil-A nuggets strewn all about, all sorts of school papers and candy wrappers floating around, and a whole bunch of YUCK in the car seats. You know what I’m talking about. Just all the things. Don’t judge. ha.

If I clean all that out on Saturday night, then nobody has to know when we hop in on Sunday morning. 


  • I’m going to have a plan for breakfast. It might not be eggs, and bacon, and grits, and a whole Christmas casserole, but I will at least have a plan.
  • Something else I’m going to do to prepare is set everyone’s important belongings on the counter so on our way out the door it’s all right there. Here’s what I’m rounding up: Wallets, Purses, Bibles, Watches, and Cell Phones. Everything will be in one area, so we don’t have to freak out looking for anything, and Daddy doesn’t have to turn the car around to go back for anyone’s things.


  • I am going to set my alarm and commit to NOT hit that snooze button! I am going to get right up and start my day ALONE. If I have to get up at 4:45, I will do it. I’m going to have my coffee, pray, and just get my mind right. Wake up slow and get myself together in peace (hopefully) before I have to get the kids up and ready. I’ll have my clothes laid out the night before too, so I’m not sweeping through the closet like a tornado looking for something that fits!


I find it interesting that the toughest Sundays are the days at church where the message is the most amazing. It’s like it’s tailor made for me! It goes to show that if you’re having a rough day, you need to just go anyway. Even if you’re struttin’ up in there lookin’ like a bag lady! Those are the days that are always the most rewarding, and if we throw in the towel, we’ll miss it!

Prayerfully, if everything goes right, we can have an awesome day. Because here’s the deal: My family is looking at me to make sure that everything is put together and are welcomed into the day with peace and love and you’re family looking at you to do that for them as well. If we’re in a chaotic and stressed out state, it will circulate through the whole family and we will ALL be in a tizzy for the rest of the day. If we can be a intentional about a few preparations the night before, I believe we can really create an atmosphere of love that I know we all want our husband and children to wake up to. I’ll be praying for us, momma!

Drop a comment and let me know what you’re doing to better serve your family and help facilitate a true day of worship and rest next Sunday!



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