When Pivoting in Business is a Good Idea


I recently got to hang out with Jes Finton of Jes Unscripted, the queen of all things website copy, SEO, and social media. Jes is an army wife, a homeschool mom, and an actual Jill of all trades! As an army wife, Jes has had the opportunity to reinvent herself time and time again in new places. I am so excited to have caught her long enough to get the lowdown on where her business adventures have landed her, some amazing advice for entrepreneurs, and when pivoting in business is a good idea.

Jes is the owner of her own business called Jes Unscripted, a company offering SEO driven website copy for creative entrepreneurs. She helps busy entrepreneurs build and promote their websites, blogs, and social media to reach their full potential without all the hassle of doing it themselves.

When I first realized I needed to reach out for help with my website, I realized I hit the jackpot with Jess. I was so relieved to find that she offered these services, because as a solo entrepreneur, I simply just don’t have the time to handle it! It happens to be a sentiment she shares.


“It didn’t take long for me to realize that I am not Superwoman, and just because I can do these things and just because I want to help, doesn’t mean I have to do it all myself.” Jes realized that in order to continue to be able to have time with her family and some time for herself too, she was going to have to enlist some help. She ended up reaching out and hiring other Army moms, giving them the ability to work from home and build on their dreams while Jess continues to build on hers too! Her business has continued to evolve and grow, and now she is merging her company with a website designer called Lisa Dykstra Designs to create a one stop shop for creative entrepreneurs. 


When I asked Jes to tell me her “why”, the reason she does the things she does, she responded simply. “My ‘why’ is to teach my son about entrepreneurship. I want to teach him that if he has a dream and he is really good at it, then he can absolutely build it. Initially it was because I wanted to be an equal earner in the home, but I have achieved that! I get to be an equal earner and that is everything to me.” It feels good to get to contribute to your household!


Jes says her next goal is to help other women to achieve the same thing. Especially military wives and homeschool moms. “The military is so unique. We move around a whole lot, so just when we get settled into a new job the military will move you. Which is fun and exciting, but it doesn’t really help you get ahead in any of your career opportunities. I want to help them grow something so they can have something for themselves.”


I asked Jes to give some advice for entrepreneurs, and she left us with absolute gold. “Build your website and make sure it has great SEO. Don’t neglect your blogs or your social. Make sure you balance your family time and your business… and also your other business if you’re still working your 9 to 5. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about self-care. It sounds like a lot because it is. It’s reality. 

My advice is ASK. FOR. HELP. Can you do social media and write a website and take images free of charge? Sure you can. I can do my accounting and bookkeeping for myself but I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, and hiring someone else to do it saves my sanity and my time so that I can make someone else’s dream come true. If you aren’t good at something, or if it takes too much time, or maybe its just a nagging thing on your to-do list, delegate it to someone else STAT. Those tasks are robbing you of your joy and depleting your energy to do the things that you really love. If you’re a photographer, you should be photographing! Or putting your extra time into learning something to improve your skills! The world needs you to be a photographer, not all the other extra things.” 

I couldn’t agree more! Working inside of our zone of genius is what moves the needle for us the most. When we can do the things that we are most talented in, and delegate all the other things.

You can currently find Jes at jesunscripted.com, but look out for her new website coming soon! You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest.


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