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Offer Limited Model Calls

Determine a specific number of model call applicants that you are going to be accepting. Make the number of clients to be accepted known and celebrate the ones that you choose. This makes them feel grateful for being chosen and also builds value around the overall experience.

Create A Sense of Urgency

Model Calls don’t have to be whomever wants to do them and whenever they want to do them. You are in control of these model call events and you can create a sense of urgency by having a deadline to apply. This prompts potential models call clients to jump onto the offer quickly and creates a demand for your service. Utilize an application process to stay in control. You don’t want to convey a sense of begging.

Be Specific and Clear in Communication

The factors that go into a model call are simple, however, it’s important that you make sure that your model call applicants understand not only when they get but what is expected of them in return. Decide what they get, who you’d like to accept for the model call and when and where it’ll take place. Next, secure a model release or contract for the session and be sure to treat a model call like a regular session.

How to Craft a Model Call Offer

Step 1. List a normal sitting fee value and then indicate that it will be complimentary.

Step 2. Include 1-3 digital images with the regular price value beside it and/or an 8×10 print.

Step 3. Communicate that clients will choose their included images or prints in person.

Step 4. Present 25-30 images during your view and order appointment and offer the same products as you normally do

The Key Factor for Profitability

The key factor in profiting from a model call is making sure that you serve them well and then meet in person. Meeting in person for the in person reveal and sales appointment allows them to see their full gallery and choose any add ons that they may want to choose. They are going to love their photos and be chomping at the bit to get their hands on all of them. You can utilize what they get, for instance 3 digitals or product of your choice and then take the value of that off of the collection that they choose.

Those Who Pay, Pay Attention

As an additional strategy, if you’re concerned about getting having a no-show, I recommend having them pay the sitting fee. Most of the time, because they’ve paid, they show up. The amount they pay for the sitting fee can be used as a credit and applied to an order they place when you meet for the IPS appointment. This isn’t my favorite way, as someone could just use the credit with no additional purchases, but at the end of the day, you need to be ok with the possibility of that happening. You will most likely boost bookings and sales, but remember the other benefits of the model call such as new content to share on social, blog and website, word of mouth referrals, interest from friends and family of clients, practicing a specific skill or using new equipment as well as modeling items in a client clothes closet.

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