Book More Clients in Your Photography Business With These 4 Tips!

1.) Book More Clients by Setting Expectations

Are you ready to book more clients and stop being ghosted?  We’ve all been there, and that’s totally normal.  Someone inquires to your services and you are pumped and ready to book the session and then crickets.  What if you could capture the leads that are already interested in booking with you?

Quality Over Quantity

Share your process for how you do business and show what clients can expect when it comes to the process, as well as products on your website and social media channels. Clients are going to your website and social channels to learn information about you like investment, portfolio and more about you.  While I feel that you shouldn’t put your full price list on your website, I think it’s a good idea to put an average investment on your site so they know what to expect.  This will help you book more clients, by attracting your desired clients and pre-qualifying the right clients for your business structure.

2.) Personal Touch to Book More Clients

Connect with potential clients over the phone or via zoom and form a personal touch to your photography business. This consultation creates a relationship with your clients.  This connection is so important to book more clients.  Inform them again over the process and get information about what they want to capture with the clients. 

3.) Follow Up to Book More Clients

Do you follow up with your photography clients? It’s normal to think that if they haven’t booked on the phone or via email that they don’t want to work with you.  The reality is people forget and sometimes just need a follow up.  Make sure they have everything that they need to make an informed decision to work with you. Follow up so you can book more clients because life gets busy and they may have forgotten.  

4.) Social Media Interaction to Book More Clients

Use social media to book more clients.  It’s a good idea to send value based content for them to see on your Facebook page or even via email to help you come front of mind. If you are Facebook friends you can interact with their content by being yourself and without a mention of photography.  Be you and interact and build the relationship. By doing this they will see the notification and be reminded of you and your services and bring your front of mind. These don’t need to be business type of comments or posts here, but rather you being your unique self. Remember, be authentic with this. 

Pie for Everyone

In conclusion, you don’t need all of the clients.  There are so many people who will love your work, and you will find your ideal clients. Want help finding your ideal client? Check out this IPS MADE EASY PODCAST episode here. You don’t need every client, just your piece of that “pie.” Serve those fewer number of clients really well and you will have repeat business and lasting connections. Over time you will begin to filter through the leads that are for you and your piece of the pie.  You don’t need to have the whole pie and every lead, and there are plenty for everyone. Stand into an abundance mindset so you can book more clients in your photography business.

Need More?

Book more clients with by doing this ONE thing! Click here and head over to the IPS MADE EASY PODCAST to learn a a few marketing strategies with ways you can use testimonials and reviews to expand your reach and increase your bookings in your photography business.

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