Customer Service Experience: 31 Ideas to Add Value to Your Photography Business

31 ideas to add value to your photography business: customer service photography

Elevate the Customer Service Experience

When you are adding value you are attempting to increase the clients’ happiness, convenience and pleasure.  This is elevating the customer experience in your photography business. When we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes we can anticipate how we might want to be treated or what would make things easier. Asking ourselves questions as to what customer experience we would want will help us to anticipate their needs as well. This builds trust and you can learn more about how to gain client trust here.

Stages of Service

There are different customer service touchpoints that give opportunities to elevate customer service experience. We can focus on what the client receives that’s tangible, but also aspects that make them feel an emotional connection and thoughtfulness that goes a long way. Customer service doesn’t have to be hard.  It is helpful to think of them in in the sections of before, during and after. You are building a customer service experience that will leave them not only happy clients, but superfans to share your work and bring you referrals.

Before the session you can proactively attracting our clients and possibly could be before they even meet us.  During the session is all about the experience.  You are anticipating a need, setting the stage so to speak and building an experience.  After the session you can continue to build connections by projecting value by making time to meet them in person and so much more. 

Before the Session

Before the session you can think about attracting them to your service. Think of all the places that they go to find out about you and your offerings. They will go to your website and your facebook. You can add awards and acknowledgments that you’ve received, testimonies and reviews, and maybe even a promo video. You can have cohesive branding that is clear and communicates properly what you offer. You can offer style guide, pre session questionnaire or consultation. This is a time for them to find out about you so copy and messaging that resonates with your ideal client is helpful.

During the Session

During the session you can add to the customer service experience in your photography business by anticipating their needs. These will change depending on the niche of photography that you have, but you can modify them as needed. You could have ambient music, a personalized welcome sign, a client closet and so much more. Think of appealing to their senses with a pleasant smell or something to taste. You could burn a candle, bake cookies or have refreshments for them.

Thinking about the stage of the client and also the location of the shoot is helpful to the customer service experience too. You could get a pop up tent for wardrobe changes or bug spray for outdoor shoots. You could have diaper changing supplies or feminine hygiene supplies for new moms and so much more!

After the Session

After the session you can add value by doing an in person sales appointment. Showing the products and making the time to meet with them for the reveal is priceless in connecting with your clients. You can show the value of the products and have samples available.

After the session you could add value to the customer service experience by being thoughtful. Sending a client gift, a handwritten note or even blogging their session are great examples of this. Follow up is important as well. Check to see that they received their order and that the experience was satisfactory.

Lastly, one important way to add value is by not taking it away. Not discounting or slashing your prices is so important. This is something that will come with building confidence in the customer experience that you offer.

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